Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to format Nokia 3110c ?

Good day everyone..i'm back blogging after a long raya break... Now this is a simple step i did to save Nani Anton son of my own sister Nokia 3110c phone from random restart and failed to load song to play music. First of all, you can't format 3110c using the 4 keys simultaneously which is "power on button + call + 3 + #", the better solution for you to do is like this :-

1: Turn off your mobile
2: remove your memory card
3: Turn it on again
4: Go to Menu then Applications
5: there will be 2 folders games and collection
6: open each one separately and delete everything inside them
7: Turn your phone off replace the memory card then Turn it on

You're done. Try it maybe it work for you too,,, :)

NOte: You can also try to update the firmware version of this device too..this method always give you a better result!


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